Chris Evans Reuniting with His Dog Is the Cutest

Sit back and let me serve you a hefty dose of the heart-melting warm and fuzzies you need today. Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a dog named Dodger. Like all pet owners, Evans misses his pup while he’s away from home. In early July, Evans gave the internet cause for concern when he tweeted about his buddy: had to clarify Dodger was alive and doing fine; he was missing him because he was far away for a couple of months. He might have been filming for Avengers, but he’s a busy guy, so he could have been out of town for other projects. Regardless of the reason, we understand these feels, Mr. Evans.

Evans’ long wait to hang out with Dodger is finally over. After 10 weeks of separation, dog and human have been reunited. Evans shared a video of the scene on Twitter, and to say Dodger is enthusiastic about seeing his person again would be a massive understatement. Watch:

Aww! My heart can barely take the level of adorable this excited dog brings to the table; viewing this video has probably taken a few months off my life. But I’m okay with that.

Do your pets have this kind of reaction when you return from a trip? Tell us about your critters in the comments. Bonus points if you share links to pictures or videos.

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Featured Image: Marvel

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