Make Your Own Pokéballs (Out of Chocolate)

In both the Pokémon anime and games, Pokéballs are a underratedly amazing piece of technology. Before Pokéballs existed, though, was a time when the only way to capture Pokémon was by using modified apricorns, a type of fruit in the Pokémon universe with an especially hard exterior. You might remember Kurt from the Pokémon Gold and Silver, who you would give your apricorns to in order to receive special balls.

That mechanic was phased out of the games after the second generation, but for those of us still wanting to make our own Pokéballs, there’s a way—so long as you don’t mind that they’re made of chocolate. That sounds more like a selling point than a flaw to us.This is possible thanks to a fun treat from Bandai ( via RocketNews24) that’s available in Japan: the “Create Your Own Snack: Pokémon Gotta Catch ‘Em All Chocolate Maker.” For 250 yen (about $2.25), you can get a kit that’s basically like an in-home chocolate forge. The different kits contain molds for chocolate versions of Pikachu, Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten, as well as a chocolate Pokéball that your sweet little creatures will fit in. The process is basically as you’d expect: melt the chocolate, pour it into the molds, put the molds in the fridge, and soon enough, you’ll be like Willy Wonka if the candymaker owned a PokéMart.

That above is a video detailing the process of using the kit, so check it out, and if you happen to be heading to Japan in the near future, kindly bring us back as many of these kits as you can cram into your carry on, please and thanks.

Featured Image: Bandai

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