Chipotle Knows You Steal Lemonade, Now Sells a Water Cup Candle 

In case you thought you’d gotten away with filling your water cup with lemonade, Chipotle is here to tell you that they know. You were not the first to do it. But you can make up for it and buy their new lemonade-scented candle. The tin looks like their famous H2Ohhhhhh water cup. The candle itself has that pale yellow color reminiscent of all those times people start dispensing water but then, oops, “accidentally” hit the lemonade button too. The swag goes on sale August 18 via Chipotle’s online store. You also get a free lemonade with every purchase.

Yellow candles in holders made to look like Chipotle paper water cups
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

We saw this interesting product thanks to DesignTAXI. It’s the latest in unexpected tie-ins from Chipotle after last year’s burrito bowl-themed eyeshadow palette and cilantro soap. The online swag store has a lot more gear than I expected. If you’re a true fan you probably already own the flip-flops and fanny pack. Or even a t-shirt with your custom order printed on it.

The lemonade-scented candle goes on sale just in time to celebrate National Lemonade Day on August 20. Interestingly, National Lemon Day is August 29. Seems like that should come before lemonade, but what do I know? I will probably celebrate by listening to Beyoncé. But the faint smell of stolen lemonade wafting through my house is tempting.

There’s been plenty of other limited edition themed candles offered over the years. Like IKEA meatballs, Call of Duty, or Star Wars scents like bantha milk and sarlacc pit. Compared to those, lemonade-scented candles to commemorate petty theft from an international chain of burrito restaurants seems downright normal.   

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