Cheese-Resistant ‘Chip Fingers’ Protect Your Tips from Snack Crap

We’re going to level with you here. These “Chip Fingers,” which are actually a real product that you can buy right now, seem wildly impractical, as well as, frankly, quite stupid. But who are we to say what people should put on their fingertips while they snack? In fact, heavy snackers may find these Chip Fingers to be extraordinarily useful—they are apparently “cheese resistant,” after all.

These Chip Fingers are a real product that help people eat snacks without getting their fingers dirty

The Chip Fingers, which come to us via Laughing Squid, are the creation of Stenbert Solutions, a company in Rochester Hills, Michigan that makes “innovative silicone products.” Along with the Chip Fingers, Stenbert also makes things like silicone tray organizers as well as thermal finger guards. But if anything is going to put this company on the map, we all know it’s going to be the Chip Fingers.

And although it may seem like it, the Chip Fingers featured in the pictures before you are not a gag gift you’d buy for a Cheeto-lovin’ friend. They are a real gift you’d buy for a Cheeto-lovin’ friend. And before you go talking about how a napkin or even a whole lot of lickin’ could do the job of cleaning up folks’ dusted-up digits for considerably less money, keep in mind that these Chip Fingers are made of food-grade silicone, come in four “fun colors,” and are one size fits all. Also, they’re only about eight bucks on Amazon, so it’s not like they’re insanely expensive.

These Chip Fingers are a real product that help people eat snacks without getting their fingers dirtyStenbert Solutions

Now we know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that these Chip Fingers must be a sign of the end times. You’re thinking that kids these days can’t even handle messy fingers for a few seconds. You’re thinking that snacks, to be enjoyed fully, need to be eaten with bare fingertips that can be sucked clean with satisfying pops of saliva! But none of that negates the fact that you know, deep down in your heart, that if you got these as a gift, you’d keep them in your kitchen drawer for at least a decade before giving them away. So take that, snack dust!

Really though, what do you think of these Chip Fingers? Do you think they’re a pretty good deal at eight dollars a set, or are you good with just relying on your bone-and-flesh snack tweezers? Put on your Keyboard Fingers and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Images: Stenbert Solutions

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