Channel Surf Through Decades of Retro TV on This Fun Website

Watching modern television is a completely different experience than it was in the era of most of our childhoods. These days, most of us watch streaming platforms, or maybe flip through 500 cable channels. But in the 20th century, and into the 2000s, our TV options were far more limited. Most of us grew up with only a handful of channels. And flipping through them all till we found something interesting was how we wasted time. Now, via Boing Boing, we’ve discovered a nostalgia-filled retro TV website that allows you to recreate those lazy afternoons parked in front on the tube.

MegaMan is one of the many 90s cartoons you can watch on the My 90s Channel.

It’s called My60sTV, but it allows you to channel surf on TVs starting with the ’60s all the way through to the 2000s. It’s a nostalgic rabbit hole that will bring on all the feels. From Baby Boomers to “first wave” Gen Z, there is a channel here for you to spend hours flipping through. The viewer must operate each television as they would during its era. So if you’re watching ’60s or ’70s TV, you turn the knobs. When watching ’80s and 90s TV, you have to press the remote control.

Retro game shows are part of the My 80s TV channel.

Each channel represents a different decade, but viewers can choose specific years to surf through. So if you want to lose an afternoon specifically in 1983, or 1998, you can. This retro TV site has literally thousands of random TV moments, covering everything from cartoons and music videos, to news shows and old commercials. When you change a channel, you get a brief moment of that old-school static coming through. And for many of us, that sound brings us right back to being a kid. All that’s missing are those rabbit ears. (We can say definitively that we don’t miss those, though). All in all, this site is a true labor of love for fans of old-school television.

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