CATAN Is Now on the Nintendo Switch

Usually when you want to take along some of your favorite tabletop games on the plane or in the car during a summer vacation, that means wrestling with boards, plastic baggies, and tiny pieces, many of which end up lost in that crack in the seats. But if you want to bring an absolute classic game with you on your trips this summer, Asmodee Digital and Nintendo have teamed up to give you the perfect travel companion: Catan, now on the Nintendo Switch.

Wool? Check. Grain? Check. Bricks? You get the idea. The robber, development cards, buildings, everything you know and love from Settlers of Catan are here in the video game adaptation. Whether you’re a settlin’ veteran or new to the game, be sure to start with the tutorials just to learn the controls. While it’s mostly intuitive, chances are your brain will be so busy scheming your next move that you forget which button to press to roll the dice or make a trade.

While many tabletop players aren’t fans of making the change to a screen, there is something to be said for effortless setup and cleanup. Catan on Switch even has that handy little card for the right resources you need to build, and won’t let you place a road or settlement anywhere you’re not supposed to. You can also play against AI opponents, which is always a nice feature when you’re lying awake in bed at 2AM and could use something to take your mind off the day.

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Soothing music plays in the background while you make your moves, adding to the overall low-stress feel of the digital tabletop game. If you want to add some higher stakes and competition, however, simply connect to WiFi when you get wherever you’re going and find an online game with real-life players.

Catan is available now on the Nintendo eShop for just $19.99, along with a “Cities & Knights” DLC for an additional $5.99.

All Images: Asmodee Digital

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