Watch Taddy the Cat Nail Some Nasty Snowboard Tricks

While there are a great many cats out there who simply enjoy sleeping and more sleeping, Taddy the snowboarding cat is not one of them. In fact, according to Taddy’s latest YouTube video, which features him shredding mad snow, he’s more active than 95 percent of people, let alone fellow felines. Taddy’s snowboarding tricks are also quite—as the kittens call it these days—”sick.”

According to his Instagram, Taddy is “a cat that likes to get rad” and pull off “sweet stunts, done with more style than Miles Davis.” And after watching Taddy board slide down a pipe and even jump a set of four stairs, that appears to be the case. (Seriously though, raise your hand if you can do that. Now put it down ’cause you’re lying).

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Taddy’s owner, Phil Smage, is a snowboarder as well, although he is currently reviving himself from serious injury. Smage says on his YouTube channel that he is an “incomplete quadriplegic with the mind of an able bodied athlete.” He notes that people can follow his various social media accounts if they want to watch his journey back to health, or just more of Taddy snowboarding.

Perhaps the best part of Smage and Taddy’s snowboarding comes from the overall vibes their endeavor gives off. “Thanks to everyone for spreading the stoke,” Smage said on his Twitter account in response to the reaction the video’s received. He added on Instagram that he “had hoped that this Taddy would inspire, entertain, and bring positivity to humans… but it looks as though Taddy is even inspiring other felines to get active!” YOU HEAR THAT ETERNALLY SLEEPING CATS?!

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What do you think about Taddy and his snow-shreddin’ skills? Could you imagine your cat doing anything like this, or would it immediately claw you to death before it was even on the board? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image: Smagical 

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