Adorable Reasons Cats Love Sleeping in Their Owners’ Beds

It seems that pet comfort is a supreme concern among cat owners. These craftspeople in Japan, for example, make miniaturized super-high-end furniture for cats. Even their battle armor looks comfy. But while tiny furniture and soft armor may appease our furry overlords, what really puts them at ease are their owners’ beds. And this video lists the many adorable reasons why.

The painfully cute video comes via Laughing Squid and was posted by YouTuber Cole and Marmalade. And if you’re thinking Cole and Marmalade sound like the names of two cats and not two people, you are 100 percent correct. And honestly, there’s never been a YouTube channel more dedicated to a single duo of cats. In fact, Chris and Jess, Cole and Marmalade’s owners, are referred to as the cats’ “servants” in the channel’s bio.

In the video, we watch Cole and Marmalade do a whole lot of snoozin’ as the myriad reasons they love to do so on their owners’ beds are laid out point by point. Some of the highlights from the list of reasons are that they like to use their owners as personal heaters, they feel protected sleeping next to their “human,” and they enjoy cuddles. By the way, did you know that cats sleep 15 hours a day? Or that the trailer for their movie looks completely bananas?

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Why do cats like to sleep with us? … Hope the link in our bio helps 😉

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There aren’t too many definitive pieces of advice in the video regarding how to make sure your cat gets proper sleep, or how to get them to sleep away from your bed if they refuse to do so, but at least we now know that cats sleep on top of their owners to show affection. Rather than simply maintain the high ground during nap time.

What do you think of this video outlining the reasons cats love to sleep in their owners’ beds? Do you let your cat sleep with you? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Cole and Marmalade 

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