Chair with Giant Exercise Wheel Is Perfect for Cat Owners

Are you lazier than your cat? That’s okay! We’re not judging, especially because sometimes we definitely are, too. Besides, maybe you have a really active cat and it’s not a fair comparison. Or maybe you’re just super chill and have life figured out. But whatever your reason, there’s now a perfect piece of furniture that will accommodate both your needs and your cat’s wants. All while letting you spend more time together. Meet The Loveseat, a specially designed piece of furniture that provides comfort for you and exercise for your feline friend.

A new Kickstarter from Catham City, a company dedicated to making furniture for cat lovers, wants to help you and your pet bond. Forget a traditional loveseat designed for two humans though. This isn’t meant for curling up with your kitty. This version (that we first heard about at My Modern Met) combines a comfortable chair with an oversized exercise wheel for cats.

The beach and plywood chair features “comfy pillows” made from a thick recycled PU leather. They are also scratch and spill resistant, “and easy to wipe clean.” The chair also comes with a mini-tray. You can place your new resting spot on either side of the wheel. And Catham City says the easy-to-assemble kit only takes 10 minutes to put together.

A cat lying down inside an oversized exercise wheel next to a woman sitting in a chair reading near a windowCatham City

The Loveseat didn’t forget about your cat’s comfort though. The large wheel has scratch carpet lining that also makes it a good spot for your kitty to stretch out on. In total the whole piece measures nearly 3.6-feet wide and 2.5-feet deep. The standard wheel option accommodates cats that weigh up to 15 pounds. But the company also offers a Large Wheel Upgrade for cats who weigh as much as 25 pounds.

You can back the campaign for as little as $499. There are also higher tiers with bonus features available as well. No matter how lazy you might be, you’ll have to see which option is right for you. I don’t care how active your cat is or how much they’d love this giant wheel. They can’t scroll through a website.

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