Incredible Cat Furniture Acknowledges Our Feline Overlords

Let’s face it: we are just paw-ns in a feline-plan to take over the world. And now, cats have come one step closer to their goal with this cat furniture. We would say it’s cat-friendly furniture, but it really goes one step farther than that. It’s actually cat-centric furniture, designed to remind us who is really the boss.

Japanese cat furniture - a cat table with one cat poking its head out of the middle and the other prowling


This furniture, designed by Japanese brand Dinos, which we first saw on My Modern Met, is one of a kind. The set includes a dining table, an armless bench, a dining table shelf cushion, and more. And every piece in the collection aims to offer “furniture that can be used by people and cats for different purposes.” Your cat, Dinos explains, is a member of the family and should cohabitate with you without wasting space. The cat furniture is even made of fine, solid oak, with carefully rounded corners to protect your feline.

A cat peeking out of a table from the cat furniture collection


Of course, the jewel of this collection is the cat table. This ingenious design allows your cat to join you at the table… If he or she deigns to. Right at the center of the table, where your cat belongs, is a cat-sized hole. With the help of a comfortable shelf that sits right below the table, your cat can pop up at any time. Just don’t forget the cushion! If your cat doesn’t feel like you’re interesting enough yet, they can also simply rest on the comfortable seat. So bring your meal-time best. It comes with a lid that can cover the hole. But your cat wants to know why you would ever do that.

According to Japan Posts’ website, Dinos does have international shipping available. But it looks like a third-party service is necessary to purchase outside of Japan. Still, this cat table can serve as an aspirational vision for your home design. Because we all know a cat will take an offered seat or it will make its own.

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