This Cat Gets a Better Score on FRUIT NINJA Than Her Owner

Animals. What can’t they do better than us?Up until this month, you were probably thinking a surefire answer to that question is “play video games.” We think we are so smart, with all our pixels and consoles and tablets. But life finds a way, and nature catches up, as this video. found by Digg by way of Newsflare, demonstrates. Once again, we understand why the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. Because they are ninjas. Fruit Ninjas.

The cat in the video is named Mao Mao, and she took over the game when her owner set the tablet down to take a break, ultimately getting a better score than her hooman. Granted, her technique is a tad chaotic, but considering cats usually aren’t super interested in fruit, and the game’s not called Mouse Ninja or Spider Ninja, cut the kitty some slack.Mao Mao doesn’t appear to particularly care that she might break the device, so maybe keep that in mind before you challenge your own fruit-snatching feline to a one-on-one battle. Then thank your lucky stars for opposable thumbs, and the fact that cats can’t wield real ninja swords…yet.Now that cats are clearly learning how to use your touch screens and smart devices, prepare for them to hijack all your passwords, and understand where that mystery order of 1000 cans of tuna came from, or why the central heating system suddenly got unbearably warm. It is their world, and we are just here for them to study. And slice virtual produce with.

Image: Halfbrick

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