This Real-Life MARIO KART Hovercraft Is Made Out of Cardboard

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how creative people can be with simple, cheap resources. In the case of Japanese YouTuber and craftsperson DanCreator, it’s really hard, because he’s able to build childhood dreams out of cardboard and a relatively minimal amount of electronic components. In a new video the “master” kicks his cardboard craft up 100 notches with an IRL Mario Kart hovercraft that actually hovers.

DanCreator posted the above video of his cardboard Mario Kart hovercraft to his YouTube channel, noting that as he was playing Mario Kart 8, he really wanted to ride in a real Mario Kart. Being the genius engineer that he is, he set about building it.

In the video DanCreator walks us through how he not only built a real-life Mario Kart hovercraft, but also a full-on cardboard Mario Kart arcade machine. In fact, the build video begins with the arcade machine; one replete with an adjustable seat, steering wheel, screen, speakers, and accent lighting. The arcade setup even has a button in the middle of the steering wheel for launching projectiles.

A master cardboard craftsperson driving a real-life hover Mario Kart through a gym while his companion watches him.
DanCreator/Cardboard Crafts

After showing off the final cardboard Mario Kart arcade machine DanCreator moves on to the hovercraft. As he shows, the hovercraft uses the underpinning tech from an air hockey table in order to hover; i.e. fans blowing air through holes. His craft also uses a pair of inflatable tubes attached to its undercarriage that not only allow for the space necessary for the air to raise the craft off the ground, but also look especially “hovery.”

About 13 minutes into the video DanCreator shows off the Mario Kart hovercraft in action. He, along with a companion (the Luigi to his Mario?) take the craft to an indoor gym for testing. Incredibly, the hovercraft works flawlessly, gliding above the gym’s glossy wood surface without issue. The only small caveat is the electrical wire sticking out the back of the cart; an unfortunate necessity for powering the blowers.

A master cardboard craftsperson playing a Mario Kart 8 arcade machine made out of cardboard pieces and relatively simple electronic components.
DanCreator/Cardboard Crafts

Aside from DanCreator’s incredible finished products, it’s also important to note how deeply satisfying his build process is. Cutting out and gluing together the “wheels” of the hovercraft alone kind of gave us chills. And, ironically, may inspire you to put down your game controller and pick up some simple construction materials.

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