We Could Watch This CAPTAIN AMERICA Tribute Video All Day

You know what’s really depressing about the end of Infinity War? Not that we had to see all of those people we love vanish into dust, because we know they’re definitely coming back to make that sweet sequel money. What’s sad is the realization some of the survivors will almost certainly die undoing the Snapture. That includes one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known, a soldier who once sacrificed his life to save millions of others, Captain America. What will Steve Rogers do when trillions of lives are at stake? There’s obviously no price he won’t pay, because as a touching new tribute video shows, his faith in others has always helped him  do the right thing no matter the personal cost.

YouTuber Top Screen, whose haunting, beautiful homage to Iron Man we told you about previously, is back with another tearjerker. “Faith” is a testament to the courage and integrity of the First Avenger, following his time as an undersized kid from Brooklyn eager to serve his country, to a test subject-turned WWII superhero, to one of Earth’s mightiest heroes fighting to save the planet, to an outlaw on the run. His story of lost friendships, lost loves, and lost time stands as a testament to what one person can overcome when they never stop believing in their fellow man, even when they’ve been given every reason to.We could watch this all day, though if what we fear might happen to Steve Rogers in Avengers 4 does come true,we probably won’t be able to handle the next tribute video to him.What other Avenger would you love to see a tribute video for? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Marvel

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