Functional KINGSMAN Umbrella Gun, Chain Fist Look Suave, Deadly

You can’t have a suave yet deadly crime fighting organization without the proper tools (read: pain-inducing gadgets) can you? After all, it’s not only the manners that make the man, but also the umbrella that fires high-velocity projectiles out of its tip.

If you were going to build some kind of real-life Kingsman agency, you’d want to visit YouTuber and engineer the Hacksmith for all your armament needs. He’s built the umbrella gun and chain fist from the films, and they both look like they would make a fine gentlemen quite formidable in a bar fight.

If you haven’t heard of the Hacksmith, he’s the man who quit his job as a full-time engineer and product developer in order to take conceptual items from video games, comics, and movies and turn them into working prototypes. He’s tackled myriad jaw-dropping (and also jaw-punching) projects before, including Batman’s grappling gun, Reinhardt’s rocket hammer from Overwatch, and Cap’s shield.  He’s even built a flaming version of  Psylocke’s sword from X-Men.

The first Kingsman build the Hacksmith tackles in the above clip is Harry Hart’s iconic umbrella gun. The Hacksmith first notes how durable well-built umbrellas apparently are, then proceeds to turn one of them into a gun. The umbrella gun not only fires projectiles — that unfortunately need to be muzzle loaded musket-style — but also sports a projection of what’s going on in front of the canopy onto the backside of the canopy. This is, of course, insanely cool, as it allows the umbrella’s user to hide behind, well, an umbrella canopy. While it’d be nice if it were bulletproof, the Hacksmith notes it’s still great for airsoft gunfights.

On top of the umbrella gun, the Hacksmith also put together a working version of the chain fist from The Golden Circle, and judging by how well it demolishes a Styrofoam head, we’d say that this is, again, the type of item we’d like to have in our real-life secret-room weapons cache.

Now we just need to figure out a place to find a good suit. And a nice pair of formal shoes with open laces and knives in their soles.

What do you think about these Hacksmith Kingsman builds? When dealing with impropriety, would you rather have a spring-loaded fist or an umbrella that shoots heavy objects? Kindly regale us with your opinion in the comments below!

Images: The Hacksmith

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