Pet Otters Get Very Confused By Owner’s Popcorn Machine

How do you think an otter would react to a popcorn maker? Going to be totally honest, I never gave the question much (a.k.a. “any”) thought myself. But I sure am glad to know the answer now. Because this video of two adorable otters confused by their owner’s popcorn machine is a tasty bit of delightful internet silliness.

The YouTube channel Kotsumet shared the reactions of their pet otters, Kotaro and Hana, to seeing a popcorn maker at work for the first time ever. The wonderful video (which we first came across at Laughing Squid) shows the pair was initially intrigued by the device. They got up close and investigated the inside. The two also seemed fascinated by the hot air blowing out of the top. Along with the smell emanating from the buttery kernels ready to burst inside. (Same, Kotaro and Hana. SAME.)

Unfortunately, the actual popcorn that came pouring out the top was too scary for the otters to handle. They ran away and hid. While we feel bad the machine frightened them, we really enjoyed watching them flee together under the couch. Those otters can really fly. And they know there’s safety in numbers.

Two otters stand on a table smelling a popcorn maker held by a personKotsumet

When they did finally work up the courage to try snacking on popcorn for the first time ever, they were not impressed. They must prefer Sno-Caps and Goobers when they head to the movie theater.

Or they are just waiting for a delicious seafood feast. Last year Kotaro and Hana entertained us by enjoying a gourmet breakfast. There wasn’t nearly as much mystery as to how an otter would react to some high quality seafood. But the end result was exactly the same as their opinions on popcorn: watching cute little otters do anything is a perfect way to satiate our desire for some wonderful world wide web content.

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