Artist Creates Pop Culture Icons As BEE-UTIFUL Bumblebees

Mashing up pop culture characters with other creatures or people is a popular form of artistic expression.

But has anyone ever drawn superheroes, anime heroines, Pokémon, and more in such a delightfully fuzzy way as artist Camilla d’Errico? Self-described as a Pop Surrealist Manga Artist, d’Errico has been an independent artist for over a dozen years. Working with pastels and eerily beautiful imagery, her work is distinctive and adorable. But while her melting rainbow geode portraitures of women are surreal and delightful, Camilla has recently found herself drawing iconic pop culture icons…as bumblebees. We’re buzzing with excitement about her work. Exhibit A: Luke Skyflyer. Get it?!

Over the years, d’Errico has created art for comic book covers (Bee And Puppycat, Marceline and The Scream Queens Vol 6) and she’s partnered with companies such as We Love Fine and Gold Bubble to create shirts, leggings, and more. Her dreamy aesthetic shines through no matter what she’s illustrating.

If you like her work, you’re in luck. Camilla has an Etsy storefront as well as a website where folks can purchase her art. If you love her style so much you want it on the regular, then consider throwing in on her Patreon where she does monthly giveaways for patrons, along with sneak peeks and other perks. Bonus! Many of Camilla’s bumblebee prints come with wildflowers seeds upon purchase in order to help keep the Earth viable for bee populations.

Keep scrolling for some more examples of her pop culture bee bizzzness. The Joker has never looked cuter than he does in this image:

And King Triton? Come on.

These She-Ra and Sailor Moon illos are too much in the best way.

Go follow Camilla on Instagram to keep up with all the latest buzz.

Featured Image: David Elliott, VIZ


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