Build your New Home With Woodland Creatures and Cards In ‘Everdell’

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Each week here at Geek & Sundry we take a look at new and upcoming exciting titles on Kickstarter! This week’s Kickstarter of the week is Everdell, is described as ” a beautiful board game of cards and critters” and as of this writing has surpassed its funding goal of $35K, closing in on $90K in backer support. 

I have to admit that I had to scroll through Everdell‘s Kickstarter campaign two or three times before I found a description of how it played. It’s right there in the center, I just kept getting distracted by the art and presentation. I have no idea how many Redwall books I read as a kid, which means the art in Everdell really captures my attention. Once I looked past the art – and that 3D tree – I became excited about the game as well.


The Ever Tree has grown tall, nestled in the Everdell valley. For years the various woodland critters who make this tranquil land their home have lived happily under the shade of that tree. Now, it’s time to strike out and expand. Each player is tasked with setting out on their own and building a new city to hold the growing population. You aren’t on your own; you have a small crew of workers that will grow over the course of the game but what your city looks like and how you build it is up to you.


Everdell combines worker placement and tableau building. The cards you play from your hand represent both your city and the woodland denizens that live and work in it. There are various card types and clever players can find ways to take advantage of combos or efficiencies, as is normal in a tableau builder. What we find interesting is the way that players can build new spaces for their workers right into their cities. As the Everdell Valley is a peaceful valley of cooperation, your workers can even visit opponents cities and use their spaces. This – of course – grants them points but it’s nice to know you can’t be completely locked out of a space you were hoping to see.

Citizens provide benefits both ongoing and immediate, though they usually don’t arrive for free – you’ve got to feed them. One of the nice touches that designer James Wilson has added is that some critters can be brought in if you first build their place of employment. Innkeepers entering play at steep discounts if you’ve already built their inn help to tie the setting to the gameplay. These little moments of the setting informing the card actions and vice versa litter the game like leaves in late fall.

Throughout each season your city will grow and new workers will appear to lend their hand. Various events are available for players to score; these goals are public and provide direction. These events represent happenings both fun and serious: An Evening of Fireworks sounds fun but Capturing Acorn Thieves hints that not all is peaceful in this idyllic glade.

Everdell is currently on Kickstarter, so you have until January 25th to support it. It’s available in both regular and collector’s editions and is scheduled to deliver in December of 2018.

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