AI App Scans and Creates Builds for Loose LEGO Bricks

Brick heads out there who have a huge stash of random LEGO pieces—probably in some sort of large, plastic container in the closet—have a new creativity aid at their disposal; at least if they have an iPhone, anyway. It’s an app called Brickit, and it uses AI to scan random LEGO pieces and offer up build ideas. And all we can say about this is: finally, the future of tomorrow is here.

Peta Pixel picked up on the free app, which Brickit LLC has created. According to Pixel, Brickit is an unofficial app fans made. There’s literally no information about the company on its site, or anywhere else we could find, unfortunately. Although Brickit’s available in English and Russian, so there may be a dual-country community behind the app.

As for the app itself, we were able to get it to work splendidly. Eventually, anyway. Faced with a plastic basket of a few hundred completely random pieces, the app first returned messages of having “no ideas” for the bricks. But after spreading them out over a wide-enough surface, Brickit immediately started spitting out ideas. (Immediately below is an image of one of the ideas the app came up with for our pile.)

An image of a LEGO design that the Brickit AI app came up with after scanning a basket of random pieces.


Brickit says it’s already working on an app for Android phones, which will hopefully come in the fall. In the meantime, for LEGO aficionados who have iPhones, the app is available now. Although it should come with a warning for hardcore brick heads. Something along the lines of: This app may cause you to retreat, Gollum-like, into a building frenzy.

The app, shockingly, is only the latest development occurring at the intersection of LEGO and AI. Other computer geniuses are also working on ways to use machine vision to sort LEGO bricks in inventive ways. Ways that will augment builders’ imaginations. And steal an uncountable number weekends from them in the best way possible.

A bunch of LEGO scattered in a bucket, as seen through the lens of an AI camera.


Featured Image: Brickit

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