TED LASSO’s Brett Goldstein Teaches an ‘F’ Word on SESAME STREET

On Ted Lasso, Brett Goldstein’s character, Roy Kent, is best known for his scowl and penchant for expletives. (A man after my own heart.) Specifically, Roy Kent loves to say f***. Which is not suitable for the basic television network, let alone an iconic children’s program. Still, in a recent Sesame Street appearance, Goldstein walked Tamir and Cookie Monster through the word of the day—a word that happens to be a particular “F” word. It’s fairness, of course.

And the clip is nothing short of a delight.

In it, Goldstein and Tamir bake cookies and talk about what it means to be fair. As Brett explains, “Fairness is when each of us gets what we need.” And if you saw that Goldstein and Tamir were making cookies on Sesame Street and were curious about a particular monster with an appetite for the sweet treats, you can relax. Cookie Monster naturally appears to partake in the cookie consuming part of the baking process. But the sweet monster also learns a thing or two about fairness. Goldstein notes there are different ways to be fair. Sometimes it’s sharing, like giving Cookie Monster a cookie to munch on. Other times, it’s whenever does their part to help out–like Cookie Monster (a.k.a. Fair Monster) washing the dirty dishes and Tamir drying them.

And while we sadly don’t get to see it in the clip, they even tease an upcoming bout of fairness in a soccer game. Of course, the Emmy-winning  Ted Lasso star couldn’t grace Sesame Street and not kick around a ball with our favorite muppets.

Ted Lasso's Brett Goldstein makes cookies with Cookie Monster and Tamir in Sesame Street
Sesame Street

We’re only devastated we didn’t get to see more of Cookie Monster showing off his sweet footwork. Although, his insistence that he’s the best player on the team and should be captain is giving a bit of Jamie Tartt energy. But Cookie Monster is just too charming. Frankly, this whole clip is an absolute delight. Goldstein—a noted Muppets fan—is clearly having the time of his life. We hope this isn’t Brett Goldstein’s last trip to Sesame Street. And, if anything, it has us more hyped for Ted Lasso season three than ever.

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