Revenge Meets Cereal Mascots in BOY KILLS WORLD’s Wild First Trailer

Sadly it’s not hard enough to imagine a day where a kid’s cereal sponsors a game show where contestants are slaughtered on live TV for entertainment. But while we certainly hope to never actually see that future, that premise looks like it will make for one hell of a movie. The wonderfully wold first trailer for Boy Kills World starring Bill Skarsgård combines The Running Man and The Hunger Games with Oldboy and Captain Crunch. And even better? It’s all narrated by Sterling Archer.

Sign us up for that studio audience because we’re all in on this wonderfully absurd trailer and premise. Directed by Moritz Mohr, with a script from Tyler Burton Smith and Arend Remmers, Boy Kills World looks part action film, part comedy, part satire, and 100% entertaining. Even without this trailer, the official synopsis of Boy Kills World sounds like a total blast of chaos. From Lionsgate:

Skarsgård stars as “Boy” who vows revenge after his family is murdered by Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen), the deranged matriarch of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty that left the boy orphaned, deaf and voiceless. Driven by his inner voice, one which he co-opted from his favorite childhood video game, Boy trains with a mysterious shaman (Yayan Ruhian) to become an instrument of death and is set loose on the eve of the annual culling of dissidents. Bedlam ensues as Boy commits bloody martial arts mayhem, inciting a wrath of carnage and blood-letting. As he tries to get his bearings in this delirious realm, Boy soon falls in with a desperate resistance group, all the while bickering with the apparent ghost of his rebellious little sister.

Plus the cereal mascots. Can’t forget them.

A man in red leather holds brass knuckles to his mouth as men in costumes look at him on each side in Boy Kills World

The movie also stars Jessica Rothe, Michelle Dockery, Brett Gelman, Isaiah Mustafa, Andrew Koji, and Sharlto Copley. And that inner voice is obviously none other than the smooth vocals of Archer and Bob’s Burgers‘ H. Jon Benjamin.

Boy Kills World comes to theaters this spring on April 26, 2024. Hopefully that’s the only place we ever see a kid’s cereal sponsor a killer game show. Unless there’s a sequel.

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