ARCHER Will End with Season 14, Final Season Debuts in August

The world’s greatest spy is finally going to say buh bye to the danger zone. But not because he’s sticking his cocktail between his legs out of fear. (We know: phrasing.) FX has announced Adam Reed’s long-running animated hit Archer will come to an end with its 14th season. The network also shared when Sterling and the rest of The Agency will officially start their final missions together. FXX will launch the beginning of the end of Archer in late summer.

Four animated characters well-dressed with gold medals around their neck on Archer

Sterling himself might be very much the same, but the world has changed a lot since Archer debuted all the way back on FX in 2009. The show, starring H. Jon Benjamin as the inebriated world-class spy, even moved networks during its run. It picked up an extra “X” in 2017. That’s where the show will air its final season, when season 14 debuts with two episodes at FXX on August 30.

The network shared an early synopsis of what we can expect from Archer during its final run:

Archer and The Agency are finding their own way with Lana at the helm. Her goal is to make money while also making the world a better place, but she quickly finds out running a spy agency isn’t so cut and dry.

Hungover Archer with his hand on his head on a jet

“Dry” has never described anyone or anything on Archer, so not sure why Lana expectedly differently.

While fans who still love the show (:raises hand:) will be disappointed by this news, the series has already run much longer than Reed previously said it would. At one point, the plan was to finish with season ten. But the end of Archer has never felt more inevitable since Jessica Walters passed away in 2021. Getting a 14th season is better than most of us could have ever expected for a long time.

Plus, this is good news. The show wasn’t canceled unexpectedly. Hopefully, the cast and crew knew it would be their last. And that will let Archer go out on its own terms. Hopefully, that means it comes out on top.

Yup, we know: phrasing. We’re still doing that and will long after Archer ends.

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