YouTuber Made These Boots for Walking (on Water)

Mere mortals can’t walk on water, but that never stopped anyone from trying. YouTuber Jake Laser is the latest to attempt the feat. And he’s (mostly) successful, building boots that hold him up and also propel him through the waves like Aquaman. The video contains lots of trial and error, both in the workshop and in the water. What certainly took at least weeks to accomplish distills into a 20-minute video with the complete build making its appearance about halfway through.

The channel JLaservideo is part Jackass and part MythBusters. Think engineering builds combined with stunts and heavy usage of the word “bro.” As with any good scientific experiment, it comes with false starts and failures. But Laser and his team go through the steps logically. First they break down the basics: roughly 200 pounds of force need to push down on the water in order to hold him up. Then they start tinkering. Laser buys a hydrofoil and powerful electric wind turbines. However, those don’t do the trick. He even gets a visit from a basilisk, also known as a Jesus Christ lizard due to its ability to run on water.

After a few setbacks, Laser builds boots that combine 10-horsepower motors with small boat propellers that point down. It’s a powerful machine that takes him a while to master. At one point in the video, Jake asks, “Am I an idiot if I try it again?” No bro, that’s science! Once he tests the prototype in a backyard pool, the crew take a road trip to Lake Tahoe. Though it’s unclear why they left sunny Southern California for a snowy mountain range, it makes for a scenic spot for field testing.

Jake Laser swims underwater using motorized boots.

Laser does take a few actual steps, but perhaps the most fun he has is swimming like Aquaman. He can propel himself half in and half out of the water, with an accompanying wave majestic enough for the King of Atlantis. The boots also double as a James Bond-esque underwater jetpack. Laser spends some time fully submerged in the crystal clear lake. Arms out like a superhero, of course.

Among other recent feats, Laser built a version of Thor’s hammer that actually shoots lightning and a Venom costume that crawls across his skin. Wonder what he’ll build next!

Featured Image: JLaservideo

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