Boba Is the Best Sitcom Dad Ever on FETT HOUSE

The Book of Boba Fett has concluded its first ( maybe only?) season, leaving us without the Daimyo of Tatooine for the foreseeable future. The once ruthless bounty hunter (according to what the back of vintage toy packaging told us) turned out to be a cuddly not-so-bad guy after all. We guess making a cold-blooded killer who carbon freezes people into the protagonist on a Disney+ show would have been a bit much. Instead, he played a kind of befuddled sitcom dad most of the time. Something we leverage in this Book of Boba Fett parody, “Fett House,” edited by Matt Caron.

So how is Kamino’s favored son a sitcom dad? For starters, Boba made friends with the local youths and gave them gainful employment. And he rid the area of drug dealers, in a “very special episode.” He even warmed up to the Wookiee gladiator who tried to kill him. It’s practically Malcolm in the Middle, or Full House. Perhaps a… Fett House? Jabba’s former palace has room for plenty of characters. Watch the opening credits above and tell us you wouldn’t watch this show.

If we’re going to make full sitcom comparisons, then we say Fennec Shand is Kat Dennings on 2 Broke Girls. Someone who steals every scene she’s in with just a bit of side-eye. If this were Happy Days or Friends, Fennec would be the gal everyone would clap for the second she walked into the room. There would be a lot of “woots” in that live studio audience. And probably even a Wookiee growl or two.

Boba and the family of Fett House.

And as for Amy Sedaris, she’s your wacky, nosey neighbor—the one who keeps bringing up her Jawa boyfriend we never see. And Mando and Grogu are the special guests the network would bring in whenever ratings would start sagging. Oh, and the rancor? Obviously, he’s Tiger the dog from The Brady Bunch. We just hope he doesn’t suddenly disappear without a word in season two. Sitcom pets have a tendency to do that. We have a feeling the Fett House would miss him.

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