Bob Odenkirk Learns to Fight in NOBODY Featurette

We’ve been all in on Bob Odenkirk’s  Nobody from the very first trailer. The Mr. Show alum-turned-Emmy-nominated lead of Better Call Saul is adding action star to his ever impressive and diverse résumé. Some might be skeptical he can pull it off. (Fools!) But that first promo convinced us he’s got the killer instinct needed to become the everyman’s John Wick. However, he can add another item to his varied list of talents. We’re positive he’s also turned himself into a real life tough guy. First we got a behind-the-scenes look at all of the training he did to prepare for the role. Now a new featurette shows how he learned to fight like a pro.

And nobody will want to mess with him, onscreen or off.

Universal Pictures‘ new behind-the-scenes feature, “Old Dogs, New Tricks,” shows how Odenkirk physically committed to learning the tricks of the secret-assassin-trade for Nobody. His training started way back in November of 2017. And it seemingly never stopped. The film’s stunt coordinator says Odenkirk learned to punch, kick, and throw with a relentless tenacity. “He would not quit.”

The necessary aggression the role calls for was a big draw to Odenkirk in the first place. These new skills gave him a chance to go to a place he never has before. “Utterly unapologetic rage.”

That phrase is so good it should be the tagline for the movie.

Bob Odenkirk in a black shirt throws a paunch during a training session for Nobody.Universal Pictures

We can’t really understand why anyone would ever doubt Bob Odenkirk at this point in his career. Few people have ever excelled at both comedy and drama at such a high level the way he has. But if you’re a skeptic, make sure you keep it to yourself. If you ever run into him, don’t tell him how you don’t buy him as an action star. You probably can’t take him in a real fight.

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