BMW and Pokémon Team Up for an Electrifying MINI Concept Car

Pokémon grabbed a hold of the imaginations of an entire generation of kids in the ’90s and 2000s. And as those kids became adults, they began to show their love Pikachu and his “gotta catch ’em all” cohorts in lots of different ways. We’ve seen Pokémon inspire everything, from jewelry to food to body pillows. And now, Pokémon lovers can add “automobile” to that list of Pokémon-inspired product they simply must own. Just announced at Gamescom, BMW has united with The Pokémon Company and created the MINI Aceman concept car. They made the big reveal at Gamescom opening night in Germany. You watch the announcement (via The Game Awards) right here:

The Pikachu-themed MINI Aceman car is fully electric, just like its Pokémon companion. Drivers can actually hook their gaming console up directly to the car. This will create a new ( and hopefully safe) combination of gaming and driving. As soon as the car is turned on, the driver will see Pikachu jump out of a Poke Ball on the console navigation screen. (Yeah, that doesn’t sound super creepy at all). But we know many, many Pokémon fans out there who would love it.

BMW's Pokemon ACE concept car
Gamescom/BMW/The Pokémon Company

Even wilder is the fact that the car will come with a projector built right into it. This would allow anyone behind the wheel to project movies or gaming videos out from the car. All to act as a portable TV screen. This is sounding less like Pokémon and more like Blade Runner already to us. Right now, this Pokémon car is only a concept. But it is entirely within the realm of possibility that the MINI x Pokémon collaboration could result in a real line of cars fans can own. We know there are plenty of Pokémon fans out there who would put down cash for one of these babies.

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