Our Biggest STRANGER THINGS Questions Before the Final Season

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Stranger Things 4 is officially done! So many wild things happened from Eleven gaining her powers again to learning the intricacies of the Upside Down. And of course, it all ends with Hawkins basically being taken over by the show’s version of Hell. Good times. There are so many questions that need answers by the end of Stranger Things 4. While we cannot pinpoint and answer them all, here are a few serious (and silly) inquiries we have. 

steve, nancy, and robin stand with weapons in vecna's lair in stranger things 4. For the Stranger Things 4 and 5 questions article.
Why Did Vecna Choose Nancy to Relay His Vision? 

We understand why Vecna went after Nancy Wheeler. She’s still harboring a ton of guilt over Barb’s death from season one. But what is more of a mystery is that Vecna did the classic “villain tells what he’s going to do before he does it” bit with her and then lets her go so she can relay the message to Eleven. Vecna clearly knows that Eleven isn’t in Hawkins but perhaps he does know that she’s using her powers to watch over the group.

But what he doesn’t realize is that Nancy is 100% about that action and uses his revelations to devise a plan against him. And it could have worked if it weren’t for Jason and company getting in the way. Still, we don’t understand why Vecna chose Nancy for this specifically. She’s got a good relationship with Eleven but he could have brought anyone in to reveal those things. Hmmm.

What Was the Monster that Nancy Saw in the Visions?

When Nancy describes her visions, she talks about a creepy monster with a gaping mouth. It doesn’t sound like one we’ve seen this one in the Upside Down before. So what is it? Our theory is that it is the Thessalhydra. He’s got a big mouth, snaky tentacles, and such. And he was the monster in the boys campaign a long, long time ago when we first met them. The Duffers did say that everything would come full circle in Stranger Things 5, so we will probably see this scary guy again.  

Is Vecna Secretly Eleven’s Father? 

An intriguing theory indeed. Our own Dan Casey parses through this popular idea and it makes a ton of sense. If this is true, it’s a worse relationship than the one she had with Brenner. Check out what Dan has to say here: 

Will Argyle Remember Anything? Where Is His Family? 

Argyle is such an enigma. He ends up in the Cali crew’s mess when a trip to pick them up from the house turns into driving from military personnel shooting at them. Argyle straight up takes a company vehicle to Nevada and then Illinois, presumably abandoning his job and his family. He’s Jonathan’s pal, so he’s likely a senior in high school. Where are his parents, anyway? The bigger question we have after Stranger Things 4 is whether Argyle will remember most of what happened. They keep him high as a kite so he will chill out. So maybe this will mostly be a fever dream to him. That is, until he’s in big trouble for taking a Surfer Boy pizza van on a road trip.

What Will Happen to Stranger Things’ Hellfire Club? 

In episode seven, Jason gets Hawkins all riled up to the point that they are ready to hunt down the members of Hellfire Club, an innocent fantasy gaming club full of children. We don’t see that full “mob mentality” come to rise in Volume 2; however, the final episode features a TV news report that is concerning. The people of Hawkins still think that Eddie is responsible for the murders and that Hellfire Club is a Satanic cult.

This is interesting considering that there’s a clothes/food drive happening at Hawkins High and Dustin is there. No one seems to really notice Dustin nor treat him unkindly. It’s jarring considering the police were looking for all of them and news reports still paint every member as evil. Of course, there’s the larger issue of a four-way gate tearing Hawkins apart. But it remains to be seen how the Hellfire members—including Mike, Lucas, and Erica, sort of—will be treated as things get progressively worse. One thing humanity loves to do is be awful to each other in the midst of a crisis. Stranger Things leaves us to question what will happen next with the group.

Hellfire Club Wanted poster from Stranger Things 4
What Will Hopper Do in Stranger Things 5

Hopper is back! And we are wondering if he’s really going to Enzo’s with Joyce. Not because the food isn’t great. But how the hell can he explain being alive after they thought he died? It’s presumed that Eleven and Hopper will go into hiding at that cabin again. Still, someone will eventually see him. And, with his ongoing connections to Owens (more on that later), among other things, we wonder what will happen to Hopper in Stranger Things 5

Will Eddie Munson’s Name Be Cleared of All Wrongdoing? 

Poor Eddie Munson. His death hurts our hearts for so many reasons. While we aren’t sure if the show will find a way to revive him, we at least want his name to be cleared. Eddie did nothing wrong. He’s not a murderer nor is he the leader of a dark cult. His uncle still lives in Hawkins and it would be great if his nephew’s name could be cleared completely. And, the truth is, there are a lot of Hawkins kids who will need a safe place like the Hellfire Club to come together. Proving that neither they nor Eddie are responsible for Hell opening up would be great. Just saying. We wish this wasn’t a question we had to ask of Stranger Things, but unfortunately, it is.

What’s with the Time Freeze in the Upside Down? 

We got a tidbit of information in the Upside Down when Nancy and company went to the Wheeler house during their first trip there. Nancy discovers that the Upside Down is seemingly frozen on November 6, 1983. We didn’t get an answer this season but the Duffer Brothers confirm that this time freeze is for a reason, indeed. We’re definitely still pondering this Stranger Things 4 question, so we look forward to getting an answer in the final season. 

Max and Lucas sit in a dark room with a blue light on Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 First Look photos
Will Max Mayfield Die in Stranger Things 5

This is a biggie. Max is still alive but in a very vulnerable physical condition at the end of Stranger Things 4. She cannot see, her limbs are broken, and she is in a coma. It would not make sense to simply have her die at the beginning of next season. She’s still around for a reason and it may involve a connection with Vecna. Is she somehow mentally lost in his world? Will Eleven be able to find her? We will have to wait and see. If Max does die, it would be an incredible heartbreaker. 

Where Is Dr. Owens? 

The last time we saw Dr. Owens, he was on the floor of the lab with a handcuff on one wrist. We never see him exit the lab so we can only assume that he’s alive and in the custody of the military. It remains to be seen where he is and if we will see him again in season five. 

What Happened to Murray, Antonov, and Yuri, and Will They Return in Stranger Things 5

A lot of people were in that little helicopter. But we didn’t see Murray, Antonov, or Yuri at the end of the finale. Where did they go? We know Dimitri Antonov wanted to reconnect with his son. And Yuri is just a mess. Did they all come to America? If so, where the hell did they go? And what is Murray up to? Perhaps he’s back at home in his martial arts classes again. 

Max leading the gang to a vital clue in Stranger Things 4
What Is the Extent of Eleven’s Powers?

We continue to learn more about more about Eleven’s powers, even four seasons into the show. After regaining her abilities, Eleven seems to be more powerful than ever. Yes, she is not able to best Vecna in battle (for now) but she did something remarkable. Eleven used her powers to bring Max back to life after she died in Lucas’ arms. It’s possible that Eleven’s powers, like Vecna’s, will grow stronger the more she spends time in an Upside Down-like environment. And with the Upside Down leaking into Hawkins, perhaps Eleven will show even more abilities. Maybe she can restore Max to the way she was before the attack. And perhaps she can resurrect others like Eddie. Who knows?

When Will Stranger Things 5 Premiere? 

Of course, it is way too early to pinpoint an exact release date for Stranger Things 5. But it seems they are eyeballing a 2024 release date at this point. The writers’ room is coming together in August 2022 to begin penning the final scripts, so that date makes sense. And with the majority of the show coming out during summer months, perhaps the final season will follow suit. The Duffer brothers have been sharing quite a bit about Stranger Things 5 so maybe we’ll learn its release date sooner rather than later.

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