All The Best Porg Tweets from THE LAST JEDI’s #PorgNation Hashtag

Ever since they were first teased in the gorgeous BTS footage that premiered at D23,  The Last Jedi’s porgs have been the source of some very cuddly controversy. Some fans have decried them as nothing more than a ploy to sell toys, comparing the feathery critters to the Return of the Jedi’s much maligned Ewoks. That said, many other fans (like us here at Nerdist) think Ewoks are amazing and have been loving the fan fervor over the Star Wars universe’s new fuzzy friends. The internet finally lost its collective minds Tuesday morning when the official Star Wars Twitter account announced not one, not two, but FOUR brand new porg-centric hashtags and accompanying emoji. We’ve kindly rounded up some of the best reactions for your perusing pleasure.

The one tweet that started it all. Thank you, Star Wars Twitter gods. We beseech you.

Old Rian “Love to Troll My Fans” Johnson was at it again, pretend-apologizing for his cute creations whilst doing a live chat where he talked about his love for porgs and their passionate following.

One of the original Porg Nation founders Ash Crossan was already planning the next part of the porg nation invasion.

This Twitter user shared one of our favorite pieces of porg pop culture mashup with @800Prods gorgeous Totoro/TLJ fanart.

Not everyone is a fan of the porgs, though, as this twitter user showcased, warning Rian against the dangers of your own creations being taken away from you and turned into something terrifying. We refute this allegation though because Wicket rules and Ewoks Battle for Endor is a misunderstood classic.

Star Wars: Aftermath author Chuck Wendig chimed in, showing his undying and slightly scary support for the newly founded Porg Nation.

Lucasfilm’s own Matt Martin was quick to deny any porg thoughts, whilst tweeting incessantly about those very thoughts. Very cute Matt. We see you.

Comics superstar Jamie McKelvie offered up this catchy mash-up of Rihanna’s seminal classic Work /or should we say Porg.

Nice subtle Avatar nod there, Tamar. We’re digging it. And dreaming of that eventual crossover.

Fandom’s Chris Tilly got a good porg pun in whilst showcasing some seriously porgtastic fanart. #porgasboard

Someone was gunna do it and Oh My Disney got there first with this certified proof that 280 characters can only ever be a good thing.

Netflix was trying to start some cute critter beef with this Dart v. The Porgs tweet. Our money is on the porgs. They’ve got those cute dead eyes that just won’t quit.

Share some of your fav porg thoughts, tweets, poems and songs in the comments!

Featured image: Lucasfilm/Disney

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