BARRY Season 2 Gets a Trailer and Release Date

Bill Hader is a gift. For a long time, the Saturday Night Live alum felt under appreciated, getting sidelined in supporting roles that never showed off the breadth of his hilarity. That was until Barry, HBO’s dark comedy series that is a real star vehicle for Hader, who created it, writes it, directs it, and stars in it.

The first season was a breakout hit, topping a number of “best of 2018” TV lists (including our own) and earning Hader and co-star Henry Winkler acting Emmys. Today, HBO announced the show will return next month, and also dropped a new trailer.

The show follows Hader’s Barry Block, a Midwestern hitman who comes to Los Angeles for work but accidentally falls in love with acting. In season one, he wrestled with the demands of his violent day job and his burgeoning love for the arts. After a series of emotional ups and downs, Barry declared himself out of the killing business in last year’s finale. But we all know there isn’t much of a show if that were the truth, and the trailer for season two proves that you can’t escape the past.

We don’t get too much in the way of plot from this first look, but we do see Barry once again struggling with his bloody history, the trauma of which he pours into his stage characters. It also looks like he got a job at a clothing store, like any respectable star-in-the-making, so it’s nice to see some change of scenery. It’s the contrast between Barry’s cheery daily routine and dark and dangerous night life that makes the show so unique, so we can’t wait to get more of that disparity in season two.

But let’s be real, Henry Winkler as Barry’s acting coach Gene Cousineau is stealing the show here, as he’s wont to do. From complimenting Barry’s “deep” humanity to favorably comparing him to Charles Manson, there’s nothing we don’t love about this guy.

We’ll see how everything shakes out when Barry returns to HBO on March 31.

Images: HBO

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