Ken’s Best Looks in BARBIE Get Dolls from Mattel

The Barbie movie has unforgettable fashion. Costume designer Jacqueline Durran drew inspiration from Mattel’s history with Barbie and Ken, but she also created new and memorable looks for all the characters. Ken in particular gets some truly excellent ensembles. Ryan Gosling’s Ken shines in pink, denim, fringe—you name it. Every fabric in every hue is his friend. But all the Kens have a standout outfit moment. Mattel is highlighting some of the best looks with Barbie movie Ken dolls. The toy company has had most of these Ken dolls listed already, but they recently added Ken’s fringed cowboy look.

A Ken doll wearing a black cowboy outfit with white fringe and a white hat

This outfit, complete with a hat and boots, sets Ken on the path to patriarchy. Incidentally, said patriarchy does not include horses. When Ken picks out and steals this outfit in the real world with Barbie, he definitely didn’t realize it was going to change his life and help him figure out his purpose.

In case you missed some of the other Ken dolls, there’s Simu Liu’s Ken in the white and gold tracksuit. It’s made for comfort and big dance numbers.

A Barbie movie Ken doll wearing the gold and white tracksuit

Don’t forget Ken’s denim-on-denim outfit. Pairing denim with more denim works best if the top is actually an open vest. That breaks things up nicely. Please note the detail of the briefs, just like the outfit in the movie.

The Barbie movie Ken doll wearing a denim vest and denim pants

Last, but certainly not least, we have Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House style. It’s big and bold. It’s a choice. Between the fur coat and the large, sparkling horse medallion, we’re not sure how Barbie resisted. Is he really just Ken? (He is).

A Ken doll from Barbie wearing his Mojo Dojo Casa House outfit

When it comes to dressing like Ken IRL, don’t forget you can preorder a “I am Kenough” hoodie.

These Ken dolls are currently out of stock, but keep an eye on Mattel’s store to see if they come back. The dolls start at $50.

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