Yes, You Can Buy Ken’s ‘I am Kenough’ Hoodie From the BARBIE Movie

That’s kind of in the spirit of the thing, isn’t it? The Barbie movie gave viewers a healthy dose of nostalgia and many Easter eggs and references to look out for. But in the most meta of ways, the Barbie movie itself adds a new chapter to the story it seeks to tell. Yes, we loved seeing our favorite Barbies come to life and some classic outfits reimagined on-screen. But the Barbie movie is also about to influence the myth of its stars (Barbie and Ken) in a whole new way. By which we mean, we expect to see an “I am Kenough” Ken doll on shelves any day now. But happily, we don’t have to wait that long to don some Kenergy-filled fashion ourselves. One of the Barbie movie’s most iconic looks, Ken’s “I am Kenough” hoodie is now available for you to buy. Even plastic needs to feel cozy and self-assured.

Ken’s “I am Kenough” Hoodie Steals the Show in Barbie

Barbie Movie, Barbie and Ken drive to the real world in new trailer
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Even though it’s Barbie Land and Barbie’s Dreamhouse, “Just Ken” got to have his day in the sun in the Barbie movie… Or at least he learned some valuable lessons about loving himself, just the way he is. In the end, Ryan Gosling’s Ken understands that he just wants to Beach and enjoy horses. And, the Barbie movie wants Ken and everyone to know, that’s okay. In fact, it’s Kenough.

It’s a long road to self-actualization for all of us, but an affirming word and a fluffy fabric can make the journey easier. So it’s no suprise Ken’s final Barbie movie look is going to join the pantheon of iconic Barbie fashions. And it’s no suprise that so many audience members, who no doubt share Ken’s continous struggle, left the theater wanting to buy their own “I am Kenough” hoodie.

Here’s Where You Can Buy the “I am Kenough” Hoodies, Shirts, and More

I am Kenough Ken Hoodie from the Barbie Movie available to buy

Of course, Barbie and Ken are dolls and dolls have creators. And creators, as the Barbie movie reminds us, like to make money. Only a few days after the film’s initial release, fans can buy official “I am Kenough” hoodies, shirts, mugs, and more from Mattel. Some products are available right now, while others, like Ken’s hoodie can be pre-ordered and will ship on or before September 29, 2023.

The “I am Kenough” hoodie, of course, is the most reminiscent of what Ryan Gosling donned as Ken. (And it feels the coziest.) But, a Sherpa hoodie may not be right if you’re Malibu Barbie. You can also purchase “Kenergy” merch instead… And, of course, many, many Barbie things.

Featured Image: Warner Bros./Mattel

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