You’re Gonna Need These Baby Yoda Overalls

Oh Baby Yoda, how much do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

For one, you keep providing us with adorable content, from songs to toys to memes and beyond. Now, it’s your face plastered all over this amazing collection from Black Milk Clothing.

We’re big fans of the Australian fashion line and they really knocked it out of the park this time. Their Star Wars clothes have always been impressively detailed, but The Mandalorian stuff is next-level. And not just because of Baby Yoda, but because the pieces are so committed to fun and creativity!

Just take a look at these overalls, which have a little hidden Baby Yoda on the inside flap. It almost looks like a fanny pack when you keep it open; or like you’re carrying the little green guy in a pouch like a kangaroo. (Now we’re just picturing Baby Yoda in a kangaroo pouch and it’s absolutely too much.)

Baby Yoda overalls from Black Milk Clothing.Black Milk Clothing

If overalls aren’t your thing but you like that navy color with the Baby Yoda print, you’re in luck! There’s also a cropped t-shirt version that ties up in the front. A perfect casual Star Wars look that pairs well with leggings, as the photos show.

Baby Yoda printed t-shirt from Black Milk Clothing.Black Milk Clothing

If the Mandalorian himself is more your jam, this printed tee might be for you. The print features the mysterious armored character pointed at Baby Yoda in his floating crib, evoking a tender moment from the first episode of the Disney+ series. “This is the way,” the shirt’s description reads, referencing the motto of the Mandalorian tribe.

The Mandalorian printed tee from Black Milk Clothing.Black Milk Clothing

The three-piece limited series collection is currently available for purchase, but as the Black Milk Clothing website notes: “If you grab this item, your entire order will be on hold until everything is ready. We aim to ship all orders by the 24th of December.”

If you’re considering anything from the collection, you might want to think fast. The store has a reputation for selling out of garments super fast. Given the popularity of The Mandalorian, we can’t imagine these will last long. Everyone is hungry for Baby Yoda apparel, so something this high quality and well made will be unavailable in pretty much no time.

Also, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Black Milk Clothing isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for unique, long-lasting, and fandom-oriented clothing. The overalls are $109 AUD (about $75 in USD), the Baby Yoda tie-up shirt is $60 AUD (or $41 USD), and the Mandalorian printed tee is $70 AUD ($48 USD).

If The Mandalorian isn’t your thing, but you still love Star Wars apparel, check out the other galaxy-themed ensembles in the Black Milk Clothing online store. There are droid shirts, Death Star battle leggings, bomber jackets, Christmas AT-AT sweaters, and more. A lot of the stuff is already sold out, but maybe if you were good this year, Santa will deliver a Baby Yoda-sized parcel of this beautiful clothing just for you.

Featured Image: Black Milk Clothing

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