This Baby Yoda/Darth Maul Mashup Is Insidiously Cute

Dark Lord of the Squish? Cute Lord of the Sith? No matter what you call it, a mashup of The Child (aka Baby Yoda) and Darth Maul is even more adorable than you might expect. It came from the imagination of Chris Bobinski, a professional 3D artist and asset director at at Guru Studio.

Bobinski created the homage after being inspired by the recent series finale of The Clone Wars on Disney+, he wrote on Instagram. “I figure Clone Wars and The Mandalorian needs to connect somehow,” he said. “I’m guessing this is not how. Who knows. Ha. But the ending of The Clone Wars was fantastic.”

Baby Yoda

Judged by the responses of “I need this!”and “take my money!” after sharing his design, it might be a connection Star Wars fans wouldn’t mind seeing. Created with digital sculpting tool Zbrush, the Sith cutie looks like a real toy, but is sadly a resident of the digital galaxy for now.

Bobinski has plans to work on an Ahsoka sculpt eventually, he shared in the same Instagram post, and we can’t wait to see it.

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Did you know The Child that we see on screen in The Mandalorian actually went through quite a few designs and re-designs in the concept stage? There was no Sith version in the mix, but the team clearly made the right choice.

Visit the artist’s gallery on his website for more images of Baby Yoda as both his usual cute self and as his Maul mashup incarnation. Prints are also available, with all proceeds going toward Black Lives Matter until June 22.

We never thought there would be a day that we call a Sith adorable, but here we are thanks to this talented fan artist. We just want to squish those little cheeks!

Featured Image: Chris Bobinski

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