MANDALORIAN Docuseries Shows Alternate Baby Yoda Designs

It’s hard to become an instant icon, but that’s exactly what Baby Yoda did.  The Mandalorian‘s adorable little Force user was an overnight sensation. He’s so beloved he has near universal approval with Star Wars fans, a group that couldn’t agree on a pizza order if it was the only way to defeat the Emperor. But would the wee little green fella have become so popular if he looked different? We’re not sure after Disney+‘s behind-the-scenes docuseries about the show revealed alternate designs for “The Child.”

Not every version of Baby Yoda would have been as asset worth having.

MANDALORIAN Docuseries Shows Alternate Designs for Baby Yoda_1Disney/Lucasfilm

The newest episode of Disney+’s series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian offers other designs that were developed during the creation of Baby Yoda. (Which we first heard about at /Film). Show creator Jon Favreau says he was looking for big eyes to go with the big ears they were “inheriting” from Yoda.

MANDALORIAN Docuseries Shows Alternate Designs for Baby Yoda_2Disney/Lucasfilm

Some were rejected because Favreau, who was partially inspired by his VR project Gnomes & Goblins, says they were too cute. That sounds strange since the show’s final version unquestionably the cutest of them all. But many of them are still really adorable, though in different ways. Some look like Yoda babies who resemble old men. You know, the way 30 percent of all newborns look like Churchill.

MANDALORIAN Docuseries Shows Alternate Designs for Baby Yoda_3Disney/Lucasfilm

Others were deemed “too ugly” or had “the wrong proportions.” Like this cursed Baby Yoda monster.

MANDALORIAN Docuseries Shows Alternate Designs for Baby Yoda_4Disney/Lucasfilm

This Baby Yoda would have starred on Of Mice and Mando. It would have ended with the Mandalorian telling the baby he could tend the rabbits. Fortunately, most of the other designs just look like lower-quality versions of Baby Yoda’s final form—and aren’t outright terrible.

MANDALORIAN Docuseries Shows Alternate Designs for Baby Yoda_5Disney/Lucasfilm

All of those variations ultimately led to the design they settled on. Chris Alzmann’s drawing captured what Favreau and Dave Filoni were looking for. And with a little tweak to his eyes (and some amazing puppet work from Legacy) he was on his way to becoming an instant icon.

MANDALORIAN Docuseries Shows Alternate Designs for Baby Yoda_6Disney/Lucasfilm

Would we have loved Baby Yoda as much if he looked a little different? We’d like to think so, but it doesn’t matter. The version we got is perfect. And proportionate.

Featured Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

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