Watch AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Come to Life With Even More VFX Reels

Less ambitious movies than Infinity War have been left in the dustbin of history because of sub-par CGI, but thanks to an Avengers-sized team of VFX studios behind-the-scenes, Marvel’s massive crossover event (and its 2,900 visual effects shots) lived up to the hype. And you can see how they all worked to bring Thanos, the Black Order, and Earth’s mightiest heroes to life throughout the universe in a series of VFX reels that show the work that went on behind the camera was just as impressive as what we saw on the screen. We previously told you about Framestore’s VFX reel for the film, but this one from RISE Visual Effects Studio gives more insight into how Atlanta was transformed into both New York City and Wakanda, how small sets became big jets, and how Bucky got his new arm. But the biggest takeaway goes to the “1800 frames post credit scene that was completed in just 8 weeks from shoot to delivery, from actor scanning to actor disintegration, from FX design to completed assignment.”

Too soon.

The next one comes from DNEG out of Great Britain, which includes their work on Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive’s attack on Vision and Wanda in Edinburgh, Scotland, which was stopped by Captain America and his team of rogue Avengers. From there it goes Knowhere with the Guardians, before showing the second struggle between Vision and Corvus Glaive from the end of the movie.

Still too soon.

Finally, Cinesite Studio’s own VFX reel features their work on Ebony Maw’s ship where he tortured Doctor Strange, how they gave Tony Stark and Peter Parker their iron costumes, and their fight with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Oh, finally, no dusting.

Because for as impressive as all of these visual effects are, including believably turning our favorite characters to ash, we’d really prefer if we didn’t have to see that in Avengers 4, either on the screen or in a VFX reel.

What was your favorite visual effect in the movie? Make our comments section a reel of your thoughts by telling us which VFX shot you liked most.

Featured Image: Marvel/RISE Visual Effects Studio

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