The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Cast Face Off Against Mean Tweets

The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might be facing off against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, but the cast of the MCU’s latest hit film faced down a foe of another kind on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And some might say it is the most fearsome foes in all the land: random strangers on the internet.

The cast of Infinity War stopped by Kimmel to help keep the hype going for Infinity War, but Kimmel naturally couldn’t pass up an opportunity to introduce the actors to some of the pointed, often incredibly random, hatred they had received on Twitter. Of course, our beloved Avengers marched straight into the darkest corners of the internet with extreme bravery, and the results were nothing short of hilarious.

Of course, a huge mainstay of Mean Tweets centers around these random strangers’ anger towards the actors for their looks. While some tweets didn’t mince words, like one tweet about Tom Hiddleston that basically just called him ugly, other tweets got more creative. One Mean Tweeter likened Sebastian Stan’s appearance to a potato, and another said Anthony Mackie looked like a bug with buck teeth. Samuel L. Jackson was compared to a snapping turtle, and to help us visualize the similarities, the Kimmel team even put a picture of a snapping turtle next to the actor.

However, sometimes the tweets are just so weirdly specific that you can’t help but laugh. Instead of just saying they didn’t appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch’s looks, they said he looked like he was constantly suffering from an allergic reaction to bad shrimp. We’re not totally sure what that means in an everyday sense, but the weirdly specific insult paired with the actor’s own elated surprise reading such a pointedly mean tweet made matters kind of delightful.

What was your favorite from Jimmy Kimmel’s latest batch of Mean Tweets? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Feature Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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