Who Did (and Didn’t) Make the New AVENGERS: ENDGAME Chinese Poster

The latest promotional materials for Avengers: Endgame, including a beautiful new Chinese poster for the movie, hint at characters we thought were permanently dead making a return. But not all of them.

We’re so close to Avengers: Endgame coming to theaters we can feel the dust between our toes. (Too soon? Too soon.) This past week Marvel revealed a series of somber character posters saying “avenge the fallen.” Half featured the survivors of The Snap in color; the other half, black and white portraits, paid tribute to those who were lost in Infinity War. They included almost every major character who was dusted, and also almost all of those who were killed by Thanos prior to the Snappening.

No love for Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, huh? Not cool.

Know what is cool? Being kind…and also this gorgeous new Chinese poster for the film. It features the survivors along with the dead and dusted.

Who Did (and Didn’t) Make the New AVENGERS: ENDGAME Chinese Poster_1

Gamora and Vision, both killed by Thanos pre-Snap, made both this poster and the character images. That’s a good sign if you’re hoping they’ll be saved via time travel shenanigans (or in Gamora’s case,  Soul Stone-related tomfoolery). Loki, also murdered by Thanos, was included in the “Avenge” portraits, but did not make this poster. We’re still optimistic he will show up again somehow.

But you know who isn’t anywhere to be found, someone you might be struggling to even remember right now? Poor Heimdall, the first victim in Infinity War.

While we’ve expected the Snapped victims to return even before the dust settled (literally), in a more naive time we thought Infinity War had four “permanent” deaths. But if these promotional pieces are telling us anything, it’s that the only person from Infinity War who will actually stay dead is Heimdall.

And we did not see that coming. You think he did?

Images: Marvel

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