AVATAR 2 Reveals New Plot Details and Character Images

Avatar 2, otherwise known as Avatar: The Way of Water, has been a long time coming. We got our first glimpse at the return to Pandora when the movie’s trailer was released. But the Avatar 2 trailer didn’t reveal too much about the plot of the show. But now, thanks to Empire, we’re meeting one of the movie’s new characters. Ronal, played by Kate Winslet, will be a main player in the upcoming film. And Sigourney Weaver’s character will also play a crucial, yet surprising, role. Here are some new images and plot details about Avatar 2 and its new characters.

Jake and Neytiri’s Avatar 2 Family

In news we’re still processing, Sigourney Weaver will play Kiri, Jake and Neytiri’s adopted teenage daughter.

Weaver shares, “I think we all pretty much remember what we were feeling as adolescents… I certainly do. I was 5’ 10” or 5’ 11” when I was 11.” She adds, “I felt strongly that Kiri would feel awkward a lot of the time. She’s searching for who she is. I was thrilled to be given that challenge by Jim.”

James Cameron also notes, “As an acting challenge, it’s big… We’re gonna have a 60-something actor playing a character [decades younger than] her actual biological age. Sig thought it was all kinds of fun.” This will be an adventure, to be sure.

But it turns out, Sigourney Weaver’s Kiri is not the only child that Jake and Neytiri have. They actually have a whole bunch.

Empire reveals that alongside their adoptive daughter, they also have “three biological Sully kids – Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Britain Dalton) and Tuktirey (Trinity Bliss).” As well as a human adopted son named Spider. That’s a pretty big squad.

Cameron shares:

I look around – I don’t want to specifically say the Marvel Universe, or the DC Universe – at current fantasy and science-fiction and all these heroes seem unbound in the mire of relationships, the stuff that pulls you down and clips your wings, that stops you running around and risking your life. I thought, “What if I take these incredible characters of Jake and Neytiri and give them a family?’ That gives them feet of clay right there.”

Star Sam Worthington also mentions that this will reveal a whole new aspect of Jake and that deciding what he should teach his children is a crucial part of the movie.

Kate Winslet’s Ronal

Empire also reveals more about another character from the film. “Along with Cliff Curtis’ Tonowari, Kate Winslet’s Ronal leads the Metkayina tribe, who dwell in the shallows of Pandora’s vast oceans.” And Winslet further shares with the publication, “She is deeply loyal and a fearless leader…She is strong. A warrior. Even in the face of grave danger, and with an unborn baby on board, she still joins her people and fights for what she holds most dear. Her family and their home.”

New Avatar 2 Way of Water character and plot details and images revealed, meet Ronal, Kate Winslet's character
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It seems that when Jake and Neytiri, played by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña, encounter difficulty they “flee to the Metkayina’s waterworld.” But things don’t seem like they’ll go very smoothly for them. And perhaps they may even come into conflict with Ronal and Tonowari. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

For Kate Winslet, joining Avatar: The Way of Water meant a Titanic reunion with James Cameron… And the ocean.

Other Avatar 2: The Way of Water Images

In addition to all the new characters, we also catch a glimpse of some that are returning for the Avatar sequel.

This includes Stephen Lang’s Miles Quaritch, who returns in Na’vi form.

And, of course, Jake and Neytiri.

These first-look images from Avatar 2 have us excited about what’s to come and ready to meet these new characters.

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