This Mr. Sinister Cosplay Is Astonishing

In the Who’s Who of comic book villains, Mr. Sinister might not be a household name like Thanos or Lex Luthor, but the longtime X-Men foe makes a rather striking impression. The evil scientist has a stark white face, sharp-toothed grin, and glittering red gem smack dab in the middle of his forehead.

Mr. Sinister of Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Never heard of the guy? After you see this absolutely astonishing cosplay by Jason Aulicino, AKA nerd_alert_cosplay, you’ll never forget Mr. Sinister’s face again.

Originally planned as a WonderCon cosplay, Aulicino decided that he would still show off his hard work even though the convention has been postponed. “Since I’m missing out on the real [WonderCon] this weekend, I thought I’d do the full makeup for sinister and show it off anyways. I’d call this cosplay a complete success!!!” wrote the LA-based cosplayer.

While the time lapse video might make it look like the Mr. Sinister cosplay was put together in no time flat, Aulicino has been sharing progress photos for months. He’s obviously a stickler for details, making sure he got the finest detail just right, down to the sheen on the bright blue armor. There’s even a closer look at how Sinister’s makeup was applied in the comprehensive photo collection of the labor of love.

We want to be a super-villain just so we can wear that glorious cape.

If you’re as mesmerized as we are by seeing Aulicino’s work on the classic X-Men villain, you’re in for a treat with his other cosplay creations. Mortal Kombat‘s Kano, Ermac, and Shao Khan, more X-Men themed builds like Cyclops and Onslaught, and even a complete Megazord from Power Rangers are just a few of the treasures you’ll find in his feed.

Be sure to follow Aulicino for more of his gorgeous fabrication work on Instagram, and stay tuned to Nerdist for more of our favorite cosplays from around the internet!

Header Images: Marvel Comics

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