Artist Creates Miniature Model of Isolated Levitating Home

COVID-19 is globally impacting the way people connect, entertain, and even approach their art. Artist and director of Hernandez Dreamography Felix Alejandro Hernandez R imagines what a permanently social distancing world could be like with a new miniature art creation featuring an isolated levitating home suspended in the air.

His model project (which we first learned about via Boing Boing) depicts a home put together with random pieces of wood and metal. A couple of people stand in the wooden plank yard with a broken-down vehicle while birds circle aimlessly around the single home. The clouds, still water, and black and white coloring give it an eerie, quiet, and dystopian feel that mimics the loneliness that some may feel during this time.

a man stands behind a miniature model of a shanty home

Hernandez Dreamphography/Felix A. Hernandez R

Herrnandez posted several photos of the levitating home, which he calls “The Wind,” on his company’s Instagram page with a powerful caption. Interestingly, the snapshots reveal clothing, glass milk bottles, and other tiny additions that hint at the past, including a sign saying “Fisher’s Warf 1948.”

“The Wind. World as we knew have changed. People now live isolated in levitating houses over the water… Is a ruthless and silent world where the only sound you can hear is “the wind” singing its deadly melody.”

There is also a video of “The Wind” for those who like to see things in live action. The clip plays Luella Green’s “After the Freak Show” and features close ups of the levitating home along with sweeping shots to make it feel like a clip straight from a Tim Burton film. There are so many moments where viewers will want to pause and simply admire all the intricate details in Hernandez’s hard work.

Hopefully, this isn’t the future that we will have to live in. How do you get groceries? What do you do if you are afraid of heights?

But, in a way, it’s kind of cool to imagine what life could be like if you had your own island in the sky.

Featured Image: Hernandez Dreamphography/Felix A. Hernandez R

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