Artist Uses Paper Cutouts to Make Magical Disneyland Photo Illusions

Disney fans are some of the most devoted fans anywhere. And when your fandom revolves around something that isn’t just movies and television shows, but also theme parks, toys, and a million other things, it’s easy to see how it can inspire so much creativity. Now we’ve learned, thanks to Laughing Squid, about one hardcore Disney fan — who actually also works for the company — who has combined his love of classic Disney films with the theme parks in series of clever images using paper cutouts.

Keith Lapinig, who is an Interactive Design Manager at Disney, travels to the different Disney theme parks around the world as a part of his job. While he’s there, he also indulges his inner Disney fanboy by using  hand held black paper cutouts, and juxtaposing them with correlating locations within the parks. So while at Disneyland, he has a cut out of Maleficent in her dragon form looming over Sleeping Beauty Castle. On Matterhorn mountain, he has the demonic Chernabog emerging from the peak, just as he did in Fantasia. And he even has Belle from Beauty and the Beast reading aloud to her animal friends by the fountain in Disney’s California Adventure.

Not only does Lapinig invoke classic Disney films with his paper cut outs, but he also brings back to life attractions from the past. For decades, the Skyway buckets connected park goers at Disneyland from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, giving park goers a bird’s eye view of the Happiest Place on Earth. They closed permanently in 1994, but a generation of Disney fans has very fond memories of floating through the Matterhorn on the way to Tomorrowland. Lapinig has even found a way to invoke that old attraction using his art, and it’s delightful to see for old school Disneyland fans everywhere.

You can see more of Lapinig’s images down below, and to see all of them, be sure to head on over to his Instagram account.

What do you make of the amazing homages to all this Disney? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Keith Lapinig / Disney

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