Artist Makes Mini-Rooms Out of Popular TV and Film Sets

People love the concept of shrinking normal things. There are entire cooking shows about making tiny food in tiny kitchens. And we already love the mini Stay-Pufts from a film we haven’t seen yet. There’s something cool about either imagining a person or object in tiny form. Artist, model maker, and painter Bridget McCarty feeds into our desire to make life-sized things miniature with replicas of popular TV shows and films, among other things.

Haunter Mansion Bridget McCarty mini replica of dining room table with chandelier and candles

Bridget McCarty/ TikTok

McCarty’s Instagram and TikTok pages are a wonderful foray into some really awesome projects. For example, McCarty made an adorable little Gizmo as well as his home. The intricate details and vibrant colors are a wonder, especially to someone like me. I do not have an artistic bone in my body. How is this possible?

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There’s also a tiny Haunted Mansion that looks just like the film. But my favorite one might be the Friends reunion miniature. A small door opens up to reveal an adorable monkey sitting on an orange couch. And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a TV showing the famous series on it.

Also, in honor of spooky season, McCarty gave us some great Ghostbusters action, taking us inside the mini world of a messy kitchen. I wonder what is in the fridge. In one comment, McCarty reveals that it takes a few weeks to put together these awesome creations. That’s a labor of love that we can get behind.

While McCarty likes to share her talents with the world on social media, there are some designs that fans can own. A trip over to her Etsy page reveals dollhouse mini bunnies, puppies, and even a Santa Grogu for the Mandalorian lovers. There are a ton of talents that a person can have but this one is very high up on the cool list.

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