Fan Makes Arnold Schwarzenegger a T2 Birthday Pipe

You would think at this point in the timeline everyone would know it’s best not to mess with a Terminator. But one skeptical Redditor couldn’t help themselves when they decided to throw cold water on a pretty fantastic story about a fan and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Fortunately, their cynicism didn’t lead to them being pursued by a T-800. They just got a very public verbal slap down by Arnold Schwarzenegger. And the whole exchange is not only awesome, it addresses a real issue permeating all corners of the internet.

The story (which we learned about at Bored Panda) began when Reddit user u/RadonLab shared a photo of a unique pipe they made for the Governator’s birthday. It’s a fantastic hand-carved piece celebrating Schwarzenegger’s performance in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

I Carved this pipe specially for Arnold’s birthday from r/Damnthatsinteresting

The action star not only saw the post, he responded. Schwarzenegger said if the fan insisted on sending him the pipe he had to insist on sending him a signed photo. And the Terminator did in the best way, sending back a photo of him holding the pipe. Needless to say the fan was over the moon about seeing his work in the hands of the man who inspired it.

Then, of course, someone had to come around and try to spoil the fun. Another Reddit user (who we won’t name since they’ve already taken a virtual beating) claimed the photo was fake. And hoo boy, Arnold was not having that. But his response was far more insightful than most online comments.

The actor called out the way some on the internet feel as though they can’t believe anything, which Schwarzenegger called just as bad as people who believe everything.

Uh, hell yeah! Obviously you should verify what you read on the internet, especially the more important the topic. But when you’re crapping all over a great moment like this, and despite all of the literal evidence presented, what are you actually accomplishing?

Nothing. Well, except serving as a reminder to never mess with a Terminator.

Featured Image: TriStar Pictures

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