THE AFTERPARTY Hilariously Pays Tribute to Its Popstar Murder Victim

One of the best new shows of 2022 is, without a doubt,  the Apple TV+ comedy The AfterpartyThe murder mystery series is a whodunit told through several genres. At the center of The Afterparty‘s story is Xavier, the titular party’s host and murder victim. A hilariously bleach-blonde Dave Franco plays the grating pop star-slash-actor who looks like he could be Conner4Real‘s younger cousin. And while we get a glimpse of his (box-office smashing) acting pursuits, he is, like any self-respecting former ska rocker, a musician at heart. It’s what makes it all the more bittersweet that his final song, a bop called “Imma Live Forever.”

While the musical episode belongs to Ben Schwartz‘s Yasper, the other half of Ska-pe Diem who is still looking for his big break, Xavier’s superstardom is a major undercurrent. So, of course, it makes sense that we get to see the full scope of Xavier’s musical prowess in one way or another.

Sony, which produced the series with Lord Miller productions, has gone all in celebrating the life of the late (fictional) pop star. (We first saw this at Mashable.) In addition to releasing the outrageous music video, they’ve launched a full celebration of life website. It gives us just a little bit more insight into the full Xavier brand—as if the series isn’t beautifully painting that picture for us. There’s the Xavier merch shop, which features condoms, cereal, and shaving cream among the usual t-shirt fare. And then there’s the posthumous release. Luckily, it’s available to stream on all major platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal. There’s even a TikTok.

Dave Franco as Xavier in The Afterparty
Apple TV+

Per the “about” section on The Afterparty‘s site, at the time of death, Xavier was working on an album. It’s now an EP called R.I.P. Xavier. The four-track EP seems like something of a greatest hits album. In addition to the very unfortunately timed “Imma Live Forever,” it also features his breakout hit “X Marks the G-Spot.” “Do Wet” and “Just Like U” round it out.

We’re so grateful the artistry lives on. So I guess maybe he wasn’t too off-base with “Imma Live Forever” after all.

The Afterparty is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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