Apple Unveils New $400 iPhone SE for April Release

Apple has just announced the specs for the new iPhone SE. The latest iteration of the relatively compact smartphone seems to be bringing a good amount of delight—and regret—to the company’s longtime customers. Those looking to buy it won’t have to wait long. The new SE, which starts at $399, will be available for pre-order on April 17. You know, just as America’s stimulus checks arrive.

There is a deep description of the new iPhone SE on Apple’s website, although the key specs of the smartphone are straightforward. This second-generation SE boasts: a 4.7″ retina HD display, Apple’s A13 Bionic CPU, a single 12 megapixel camera, touch ID, a screen with haptic touch feedback, an IP67 rating (meaning the phone’s waterproof up to roughly five feet of water for 30 minutes), and Qi wireless charging. The smartphone will also be available with three different memory sizes—64GB at $399, 128GB at $449, and 256GB at $549—as well as three colors, including, red, black, and white.

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In more general terms, it seems that the new SE (SE stands for “Special Edition”) is essentially a combination of the body of an iPhone 8, the camera of the iPhone XR, and the CPU of the iPhone 11. Its 4.7″ touchscreen is roughly 1.3″ smaller than that of Apple’s flagship iPhone 11. The purpose of this model is to be relatively pocketable, so that’s to be expected.

Compared to the first generation iPhone SE, which Apple released in 2016, the new SE is obviously far more powerful. Apple equipped it with a far better camera, too. But it’s also slightly larger; the SE released four years ago has a 4″ display. This may not seem like a big deal, but again, one of this model’s key selling points is it being smaller than most flagship smartphones. Although another key selling point is that price.

Gaming on the new Apple SE

Gaming on the 2020 iPhone SE. Apple

Despite its combination of new CPU, camera, screen size, and features, people most admire the 2020 iPhone SE for its price. A starting price of $399 definitely isn’t cheap, but it’s more reasonable than other iPhones. The cheapest iPhone 11 costs $300 more. This fact has plenty of people on Twitter wishing for a mulligan on their purchase of the latest flagship model. They bought those more expensive phones just eight months ago.

A look at the front and back of the 2020 iPhone SE

A look at the front and back of the 2020 iPhone SE. Apple

What do you think about Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE? Are you ready to run out and spend your stimulus check on an upgraded Apple smartphone, or is the SE’s screen simply too small for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image: Apple 

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