This Antique Vampire Slaying Kit Costs a Cool $15,000 

If you’ve always wanted to be a member of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Scooby Gang, you just missed the chance to pick up some supplies of your own. British auction house Hansons sold a real-life vampire slaying kit. A wide variety of items believed to ward off or kill vampires are included in the box, said to be from the late 19th century. This includes a matching pair of pistols, a wooden stake and mallet, and a mirror. There are also holy items like a Bible, rosary, and multiple crucifixes. The two crucifixes on the top of the box even slide to act as a locking device. Truly an all-in-one kit perfect for the slayer in your life.

An antique vampire slaying kit that includes pistols, crucifixes, and other items
Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd

“It originally belonged to Lord Hailey, a British peer and former administrator of British India,” says Charles Hanson, the owner of the auction house. “Whether through fear or fascination, it’s interesting to know a member of the highest aristocratic social order, a man with a place in the House of Lords, acquired this item. It reminds us that the vampire myth affects people from all walks of life. I think the aristocratic connection made this object even more desirable and, perhaps, helped it on its way to a particularly strong result.”

Throughout history, people accused real-life killers of being vampires, only fueling the mythology and fascination further. The auction house’s estimate for the set was $2,400-3,600. But it eventually sold for over $15,000 after a lot of interest and bidders from around the world.

A wooden box that holds an antique vampire slaying kit
Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd

Remember, no matter how sexy the vampire, they really must be eradicated. Even when they only eat animals, like the Cullens, they’re likely to mess up the ecosystem.  

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