ANNABELLE COMES HOME Trailer is the Return of the Warrens

James Wan’s Conjuring-verse is the most successful horror franchise of all time. It’s also an ever-growing, ever-shifting thing that will add a new layer to its lore with the highly anticipated third Annabelle movie that will hit theaters on June 26. A new trailer for the haunted doll horror showcases new director Gary Dauberman’s Amblin-esque take on the iconic vessel. We also get the return of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as the real-life ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The trailer showcases humor that wasn’t necessarily present in the previous movies. With Dauberman (It) at the helm, Annabelle Comes Home could likely be the most popular Conjuring film yet. The film focuses on the Warrens and their daughter Judy ( Haunting of Hill House and baby Captain Marvel breakout Mckenna Grace) after the supernatural investigators bring the possessed doll back to their artifact room. As it turns out, Annabelle is a “beacon for other spirits” and basically turns the Warrens’ home into A Night at the Museum but for evil and possessed objects.

Farmiga and Wilson are essentially the flagship stars of this franchise. It’ll be super exciting to see them return to the world of the Conjuring alongside the doll from their very first movie. She was so memorable, she became a horror icon from a momentary cameo. Grace is an exciting addition too; she was such a powerhouse as young Theo in Hill House. The creative team has spoken about how this is more of an Amblin-style adventure movie mixed with classic horror. We see that here with a cast of vibrant young women who have to battle Annabelle after the Warrens go away for the evening.

Annabelle Comes Home will likely be another big hit for the Conjuring-verse. Fans will be hoping for a return to form after the lackluster response to The Nun (which still broke many box office records) and The Curse of La Llorona.

Images: Warner Bros., New Line

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