Animated Marble Run Captures the Spirit of INDIANA JONES

We’ve seen some amazing fan-made marble runs lately. Some are made out of cardboard, and some of LEGO. But thanks to the folks at Laughing Squid, we’ve found one movie fans will especially love. We’ve learned that David Scott of Enbigen created an amazing animated musical LEGO marble run inspired by the intrepid adventures of Indiana Jones. They even set the motion of this marble run to a custom kalimba soundtrack by Blunto Marx. We’d say this video does Dr. Henry Jones Jr. proud.

Indy fans will instantly notice the visual nods to both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom. From Raiders, we’ve got the golden idol and the giant boulder. From Temple of Doom, you’ve got the infamous mine car chase. We didn’t notice any Last Crusade references, but maybe someone out there can spot one. You can watch Indy defy death traps, set to the most adorable and soothing version of John Williams’ classic theme you’ve ever heard, above.

An animated LEGO Indiana Jones runs from a boulder in this virtual marble run.

The animation is so realistic, we totally see how they could fool many into thinking it was a real thing. The shadows and textures are just so authentic-looking, we would not be surprised really if anyone bought into the idea that it was a real build. The biggest giveaway that this isn’t real is mostly the endless amount of wall space. Who has that much wall in one room in their house? Unless they filmed this in someone’s mansion, it would be hard to pull off in reality.

Recently, David Scott created an equally convincing version inspired by the classic Pixar film Up. And also on the Disney animation tip, he’s brought Aladdin to life as another virtual marble run, complete with a kalimba version of “Whole New World.” You can watch that one above. And even Super Mario World got some love too. You can check out all of David Scott’s amazing videos on his YouTube channel, Enbiggen.

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