Studio Ghibli films are beloved for bringing a touch of magic into everyday life, so it’s no wonder that one fan wanted to bring that same sense of wonder into a video game about everyday life. Animal Crossing: New Horizons player Tsukimaro has been turning their island into a dazzling re-creation of the Ghibli masterpiece Spirited Away, and the two blend beautifully.

Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli

You might not think that the otherworldly setting of Spirited Away could fit into the bright and cheery world of Animal Crossing, but Tsukimaro is crafting scenes that perfectly merge the two. SoraNews24 shared a walkthrough of each step of Chihiro’s journey on the island, which Tsukimaro is posting regularly on Twitter. The story begins, as it does in the movie, with our young heroine and her parents getting lost one fateful day.

Tsukimaro not only uses standard furniture and items from the game to craft the scenes, but gets the villagers and other players to play along.

Of course, there’s extensive use of Animal Crossing‘s custom design editor, which can turn into background pieces, costumes, stand-ins for characters, and so much more thanks to Tsukimaro’s seemingly endless creativity. We’re big fans of the ingenious idea to use a custom clothing design as No-Face; it’s just as spooky and yet oddly endearing as the character in the animated masterpiece.

You can follow the story on Tsukimaro’s Twitter or take a look at the complete walkthrough of their tweets on SoraNews24. And if you play Animal Crossing, you can even download and use their Studio Ghibli inspired custom designs yourself with their creator code.

And lastly, we can’t help but point out Tsukimaro’s quick Whispers of the Heart re-enactment in Animal Crossing, which is just as adorable as you’d expect.

Header Image: Studio Ghibli

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