How to Create Custom ANIMAL CROSSING Designs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here! The gorgeous game has arrived just in time to save us from the stress of everyday life with some much needed relaxation. There’s plenty of amazing stuff to get into once you sign a deal with the devil  Tom Nook and purchase your very own island getaway. Something that has been getting fans particularly excited is the capacity for fashion design.

One bit of fun you can have in that area is accessing previous designs from older games via their old QR codes.

As Nerd Attack’s video above shows, you can find literally hundreds of brilliant designs that fans have created over the years. All you have to do to access them is to scan the QR Codes with your Switch and then download the designs. They can then be used as either clothes, face paint, or posters for your house.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons also has the capacity to create new designs—which you can share with others once the Able Sisters arrive on your island—and the internet is doing the absolute most to impress us with their ingenuity during this trying time. Seeing as most people haven’t played long enough to turn their designs into QR Codes, a lot of fans are sharing their full designs online so people can replicate them!

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This bouncing Baby Yoda is a bundle of joy that we would happily adorn our bodies and our homes with!

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With DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons releasing on the same weekend, this dress is the perfect mashup!

Anime fandom and Animal Crossing have plenty of crossover, so we’re not surprised to see some rad anime-themed designs!

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DC Bombshells offers up some of the most stylish superhero designs in comics, so we’re in love with this awesome iteration of Bombshells‘ Batwoman!

One of the loveliest creations we’ve seen so far is from this talented player who crafted an entire wardrobe for their friends!

We’re all in need of a little cuteness lately and this Pusheen dress is nothing short of perfect!

Some fans have been utilizing AC Patterns to upload photos and create posters and album cover art!

We’re especially impressed by this astonishing collection adorning this player’s walls!

Others are committing to making iconic cult movie poster designs by hand—we are blown away by this House one!

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Another popular upload: iconic memes, like this classic.

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Some fans are using their skills to recreate their favorite character looks from shows like Adventure Time.

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Others are just crafting the coolest possible looks to showcase around their islands!

This spring-themed ensemble is one of the cutest things we’ve seen in a while!

And some players are just making us jealous with their multitasking design skills!

We’re incredibly impressed with all the imagination, talent, and skill folks are showing as they adventure around their islands. If you’ve made something really cool on Animal Crossing: New Horizons make sure to share it it with us online!

Featured Image: Nintendo

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