Go Swimming With New ANIMAL CROSSING Update

It’s time to jump back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons! If you’ve already terraformed, donated, and DIYed everything, Nintendo has just the update for you. Summer Update – Wave 1, available for free on July 3, adds swimming and diving, new creatures, and even an old friend. Let’s dive into the announcement.

The swimming and diving fun you experienced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is back! Look for bubbles on the surface of the ocean waves, and you’ll find a surprise when you dive below. Sea creatures and other surprises can be found on the ocean floor.

Animal Crossing Summer Update


You’ll need the right outfit and equipment, of course, so take a look inside the cabinet of your Nook’s Cranny for the swimsuit or wetsuit you’ll need once the update is available. If you happen to find a scallop on one of your dives, you’ll find that sea otter Pascal, whom you may have met in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, is very interested in what you’ve found. He’ll reward you with new mermaid furniture DIYs and more in return for helping him out.

Gulliver also seems to be a little different once Wave 1 crashes on your Switch on the 3rd. Arrrrr you thinking he looks a little fancier than usual?

Animal Crossing


You’ll also find a special Tom Nook themed wetsuit and more items available in the Nook Shopping store. Japan is also celebrating the tanabata festival on July 7 with special items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While not announced for the North America audience today, here’s hoping we get to join in the fun!

A second free summer update is planned for early August. Follow Tom Nook on Twitter to make sure you never miss an announcement.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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